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Product Specification
Product name Electric lift patient transfer chair
Wheel Two front wheels are with brake
Feature Electric lift
Voltage DC 24 V
Material Iron, Plastic
Model No. XFL-QX-YW01
Dimensions 123*72.5*54.5cm
Application Home, hospital, nursing home
Rated power 96 W
Power supply Battery, rechargeable
Product name Electric lift patient transfer chair
Lifting range 25 cm , from 40 cm to 65 cm.
Waterproof level IP44
It suites for bed Height of bed from 11 cm to 63 cm
Door width, chair can pass it At least 55 cm

Electric patient lift

Model No: XFL-QX-YW06
1:ELECTRIC WHEELCHAIR LIFT : The premium Electric is designed to raise, lift and transfer patients gradually from any position to ensure safety and comfort. Seat height can be adjusted between 15.7 in -28.7 in. Rise:Press the UP button ; Decline: Press the Down key;Stop: Stop Rising or Falling
2:FEATURES : Thickened aluminum alloy body, strong bearing capacity. 180° opening and closing, easy to realize the transfer of various scenes. Electric motor, one-button button control, easy lifting operation, convenient and quick displacement. Soft and comfortable armrest,comfortable to use. 360-degree universal wheel, with locking mechanism, shifting is more secure. PU leather seat cushion, waterproof, can be showered, hollow design,a toilet can be placed below,Easy to extract.
3:180° SPLIT SEAT : Multifunctional patient transfer lifts are easy to move patients. The open and closed design of the seat maximizes the avoidance of patient movement. Patient transfer in various scenarios can be easily realized without lifting the patient and allows the patient to transfer to the chair by simply sitting up straight.
4:INTEGRATED WHEELCHAIR LIFT: This device is versatile and can be used as a bedside toilet, bathroom chair, patient lift or wheelchair. This patient lift moves a patient from a bed to a chair, toilet, etc. There is no need to lift the patient, and the patient transfer in various scenarios can be easily realized, and one person can easily take care of it.
5:PRECAUTIONS : 1. Need help from others, users cannot move by themselves; 2. The width of the door must be wider than 22.8 in for free entry and exit; 3. There must be a gap at the bottom of the bed, and the height is greater than 4.7 in;4. The user must be able to sit upright, otherwise, it will tilt to one side

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Product Description
Lifting range is 30 cm , height of seat can be adjusted from 40 cm to 70 cm.
Multi functional - transfer chair, patient lift, shower chair, dinning chair.